T.A.W.G. Workout Rewind 4/26/11

Thanks to Rick and a few of the Bill Adams Martial Arts students (who’s names I don’t know unfortunately) who popped in for a bit  for a great workout.  After missing last week because of the Flu, it was good to kick the dust off.  We were plugging away so well, I forgot to get any pics – so here’s an oldie but a goodie.

Training Objectives/Outcomes:

  • Tied together trapping hands and self defense techniques to develop tactile sensitivity.
  • Stressed the ‘shoulder to shoulder’ sweep of the trapping hands blocks to stress ‘zone’ defense.
  • Stressed a signature of FMA’s (at least the way I was trained) of ‘the closest tool to the closest target’
  • ALWAYS cut the angle in some fashion when doing the trapping hands drill because that’s the point of the drill.
  • REMEMBER the trapping hands drill (“De Cadena”) is meant to teach angling NOT to get fancy, ‘fast’ or ‘tricky’
The plan is to cut another video next week that highlights the above points and – time permitting – another way we prep students to deal with the ‘ambush’ reaction.

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