Getting cozy with coffee can cost you…

ixy 017

Image by erutan via Flickr

Thieves, purse snatchers, pickpockets – not known for being fair, but boy are they masters of ‘economy of motion.’

Seems there’s a trend  – cruising Starbucks and waiting for the all to comfortable costumers to let their guard down.  When they walk away from their laptops, wallets, and cell phones for a refill to make their move the bad guys swoop in.  The double trouble aspect of the cozy atmosphere of a Starbuck is that the other customers who should be witnesses are also lost in the cozy haze of the Starbucks and so engrossed in their own laptops, cell phones, and/or conversations (not to mention the ‘no one would do steal in Starbucks lull) that they don’t seem to notice.

I’m a fan of the ‘open source’ mentality of our “Digital Citizens” but just because you feel that way, doesn’t mean everyone does…

1.  NEVER leave your personal property unattended in a public place (by public, I mean not your home).

2.  NEVER leave your personal property you just met (say at a Starbucks) just because you are having a great conversation.

3.  ALWAYS treat a Starbucks or any other public place like a local flea market…. it’s interesting but don’t let your guard down.

4.  ALWAYS keep your personal property on you or with someone you TRUST not a ‘coffee shop buddy.’ (HINT:  Yes this is just another way of saying #1 but if it’s worth doing on those pre-employment exams, it’s worth doing here too – keep your stuff with you).

5.  ALWAYS maintain a “Yellow” level of awareness – even in a Starbucks.  That means know where you are, who’s around you, and what they are doing….


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