TAWG Workout Rewind 5/12/11 – Basics Training Inventory

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A good dust kicker.  Thanks to Michele for the chance to run through ALL of the basic self defense techniques, ALL of the basic stick and empty hand drills, ALL of the footwork drills… all of the basic ‘stuff.’  PHEW!


  • Self Defense basic level techniques:
    • Wrist grabs
    • Shirt Grabs
    • Chokes
    • Bearhugs
    • Strikes
    • Ground
    • Wall
  • Block Check Counter/Trapping Hands
    • Three count
    • Four Count
    • Two Count
    • “One” Count
    • “No” Count
    • Reverses
    • “Hand Flash” drills
  • Stick strike/defense
    • 12 Angles of attack/defense
    • “6 Position Blocking” drill
    • “Live Hand” basics
  • Footwork/Mobility
    • 12 directions of mobility
    • Bob/Weave/Slipping
    • Stances

Now I know this is a long list.  But, don’t think we stood in rank and file with me calling out like a drill instructor… All of these elements are interconnected so deeply that I just had to make sure there was an ‘opportunity’ for each of these listed skills to be used.

I like to keep things moving, and this was a LOT of stuff to get through… but it was fun, a good workout, and a good ‘road mark’ evaluation.

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