“Concept First” training

As with the AGILITY AND FOOTWORK post, this one highlights one of the central training ideas of TacArnis –

TRANSLATION (The ability to apply a concept/tactic/technique in a variety of situations effectively with available resources).

Tactical Arnis focuses on using sticks/weapons as training aids not solely as ‘weapons.’  There is a danger in getting really good at swinging rattan sticks intricately… you can only swing rattan sticks that way.  When will you have them in a practical, realistic self defense situation?  You probably won’t.

But, you will have a belt, broom handle, shoe, pencil/pen, bookbag, car keys, flashlight…

So we ‘train smart’ and keep things simple with a priority on fundamental concepts and movements at every level of training.

In the video below are a few patterns/translations that are common to Filipino Martial Arts (FMA’s).

Double “Siniwali” (weaving) – Stick translation to empty hand reinforces combination strikes and continuous motion.

Downward Figure 8 – Stick translation to empty hand is either a hammer fist to back hand or hook punch to backhand strike.

Upward Figure 8 – Stick translation to standard upper cuts (fist or palm strike) as well as upper cut looping to a hammer fist to the grown.

These are obviously not the only translations of these concepts, but they are a good start.


4 thoughts on ““Concept First” training

  1. Hi Paul,
    Your clip gives the viewer a couple of example of what the late Professor Remy Presas referred to as “translations”
    which can go from empty hand to stick motions or stick motions to empty hand. Please show more of the possibilities
    that exist within escrima-kenpo-arrnis

    • Thanks Jerome. I’ve trained in both approaches (“technique first” and “concept first”) over the years and find that ‘concept first’ training makes it easier to focus during the multiple repetitions of movements/techniques because I am allowed to see ‘mistakes’ in the repetitions as variations and not ‘mistakes’ which, I think, is a more appropriate tactical mindset when/if you have to actually apply these skills. With too strict a ‘technique first’ mentality, any difference between what ‘should be’ and what ‘is’ creates a judgmental and ‘zero tolerance’ mindset – which will only get you killed if you are focused on ‘perfection’ over ‘proficiency/effectiveness’ IMO. But, then, I think you know that too considering you drilled that into my head (with instruction AND stick) over the years…

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