USMC Birthday…



1775, 10 November – Sam Nicholas and Robert Mullan formed the basis for two battalions of Marines in preparation for action in 1776… Leave it to the Marines to start the legend in a bar.

I’ll be honest, I’ve met tough civilians, LEO (Law Enforcement Officers), and military from different branches and units,  but there’s something unique about the Espirit de Corps wearing the  Eagle, Globe, and Anchor.  It isn’t the strength of any individual Marine that is the foundation of it’s success.  It’s the strength of the unit that is created when strong individuals are willing to serve something larger than themselves and live by a code. I felt a similar sense of fraternity as a Military Policeman when I switched to the US Army NG, but it wasn’t “Army wide” so much as a sense of brotherhood (and ‘sisterhood’ if you will) for the unit and MOS (Military Occupational Specialty).

So, here’s to my fellow Marines – Current, former, and standing in formation in the great beyond….


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