TAWG Workout Rewind 5/5/11˝

This week we were ‘cutting angles.’

In TacArnis, as in many FMA based systems, moving on angles instead of straight into or away from the bad guy is a big part of training.  We use a drill called “De Cadena” which loosely translates to “Chain” because we ‘link’ with our partner through a continuous flow of trapping hand feed/response.

Training Objectives/Outcomes:

  • Using good footwork/mobility to ‘cut the angle’ by moving on the “X”
    • Move ‘straight’ past the ‘bad guy’ on the angle.
      • Get into his blindspot
      • close to counter attack range quickly
      • move out of his ideal striking range by closing
  • Avoid the ‘side to side’ sweeping footwork habit.
      • It’s a lazy habit that makes the drill easier to do.
      • It keeps you in front of the bad guy.
      • You stay in his line of sight
      • the ‘sweep’ pattern eats time.

T.A.W.G. 3/22 workout fun as usual

Thanks to Tom, Dale, Sabrina, Dianna, Rick, Tony, and Alex of another fun one.

Training Objectives/Outcomes:

  • Footwork vs. “Stance”
  • Tactical Arnis is a high mobility system
  • Controlling your movement while disrupting the bad guy’s
  • Intro to the T.A.W.G. footwork patterns.

The difference between training ‘footwork’ and training ‘stance’ is difficult to grasp for some, but the great thing was to watch Sabrina and Dianna (very new students) working through the confusion.  It was just as interesting to watch some of the more experienced students making connections and sharing their lightbulb moments.

Next week: Scenario games!

T.A.W.G. 3/15 workout a blast again

Thanks to Dan, Dale, Michele, Sabrina, Tom, Tony, Dianne, and Alex for another good workout.

Training Objectives/Outcomes:

  • Highlight circular movements (Single Siniwali concept and application, Downward figure 8 stick strikes, bob/weaving)
  • Reinforce the importance of relaxed/soft motion with circular movement.  It’s about redirection/guiding.
  • See the linear vs. circular relationship for the ‘bigger picture’ of training.
  • COMMIT to a choice – OBSERVE the threat, ORIENT to it, DECIDE on the response, and ACT!!!!!
  • We also did a little forensic reenactment of the “Tony Carpet Slide” incident from last class – too funny.

Next week:  Movement vs. Stance.

T.A.W.G. Flagship workout was great!

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Thanks to Tom, Toni, Rick, Sabrina, and Alex for making the flagship workout a great time! Training objectives/outcomes: Highlight “push/pull’ movements (Wedge, Double blades, strikes, 4 count block check counter, De Cadena, Single Hand Shirt grab defense) Learn to consciously … Continue reading