T.A.W.G. Workout Rewind 4/12

Thanks to Tom, Tony, Rick, Andy, Sabrina, Alex and Dianne for an awesome class – again!

A special thanks to Andy for joining us.  He brought a great work ethic, energy and enthusiasm.

Training Objectives/Outcomes:

  • The “Layering” of movements – head movement, hand blocks, footwork.
  • “Train like you fight” footwork – practice movement to find ‘avenues of escape’
  • FMA blocking is ‘zone defense’ not ‘point defense’ movement.

We even made the time to shoot the “Hand Flash” drill for the “Skills and Drills” article.

Apologies for no T.A.W.G. Workout Rewind for 4/5/11 – Michele, Tom, and Tony sweat a lot while we tried some twists on standard training drills.


T.A.W.G. 3/29 workout rewind

Thanks to Tom, Tony, and Sabrina for shredding through technique to get to purpose.

Training Objectives/Outcomes:

  • The devil is in the details – so keep things ASAP (as simple as possible) to get it over ASAP.
  • Training specific ranges (corto/close, medio/medium, largo/long) is only for TRAINING!  Reality means changing ranges to get the job done.
  • Sticks should be ‘punched’ out instead of ‘swung out’ to keep your hand inside the ‘body rectangle.’
  • Blocks are strikes and strikes are blocks.

Habits are hard to break and training habits don’t always translate to good application.  Training drills are essential to get better at specific skills, but should not be confused with application drills.  Tom, Tony, and Sabrina did a great job of changing gears when we switched between training for skill development and when we were training for application.

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